Gillieru Restaurant - Menu

Hors D’Oeuvres


Smoked Salmon Paupiettes

Baby Prawns Wrapped in Slivers of Smoked Salmon


Avocado Vinaigrette

Half Avocado Served with a Light Vinaigrette Sauce


Parma Ham and Melon

Slices of Fine Italian Prociutto Served with Honeydew Melon


Octopus with Garlic

Tender Octopus with Olive Oil, Garlic and Parsley Served Cold


Baby Prawns and Melon

Fresh Peeled Baby Prawns with Honeydew Melon Balls


Garlic Mushrooms

Young Mushrooms with Garlic, Brandy and Fresh Cream



Chicken Liver Pate’



Deep Fried and Served with a Wedge of Lemon


Other Specialties Starters


Carpaccio Di Pescepada


Calamaretti Fritti




Lobster Bisque


‘Aljotta’ Fresh Fish Soup

Traditional Maltese Fish Broth


Home Made Vegetable Soup

Maltese Minestra




Tagliatelle Maltese

Made with Sundried Tomatoes, roasted Green Peppers and Goat Cheese


Spaghetti Ricci Di Mare

Pasta with Sea Urchin Roe


Spaghetti Bolognese (Veal)


Rigatoni Al Nostromo

Served with Fresh Tomatoes, Tuna and Black Olives


Risotto Marinara

Rice Served with Seafood Sauce


Tortellini Con Panna

Fresh Cream, Ham and Mushrooms


Ravioli Di Pesce E Spinaci

Fish Ravioli with Spinach


Spaghetti Vongole

Pasta with Clams, Garlic and Olive Oil


Any Pasta Ordered as a Main Course (supplement)


Live Shellfish (Subject to Availability)


Raw Oysters – Portion of One or Three


Live Lobster

Streamed Whole Lobster


Fresh Grilled Local Prawns

With Garlic, Wine and Parsley


Fish Dishes


Mixed Grill of Fish

A Selection of Fish Available From Our Grill


Prawns Gillieru

Peeled Giant Prawns Cooked in a Creamy White Sauce Served with Rice


Lobster Thermidor

Half Lobster Baked in Thermidor Sauce and Served in it’s Shell


Fried Calamari Rings

Deep Fried Calamari in a thin coating of Semolina Flour


Mixed Shellfish and Octopus

A Mixed Platter of Mussels, Clams, Prawns and Octopus


Baked Stone Bass

Locally Known as ‘Dott’, Baked With Tomatoes, Herbs and White Wine or Plain Grilled


Grilled ‘Dentici’

Your Choice of Local Steak Fish Served Grilled


Fresh Salmon

Served Poached or Grilled


Fresh Fish From Our Display

Today’s Fisherman’s Catch


Maltese Dishes


‘Fenek Biz-Zalza’

Maltese Style Rabbit with Tomato Sauce


‘Stuffat tal-Qarnit’

Stewed Octopus with Wine, Tomatoes and Potatoes


Meat Dishes


Veal Milanese

Escalopes of Veal in Bread Crumbs


Veal with Mushrooms

Tomatoes, Cream and Mushrooms


Lemon Veal

Veal ‘Al Limone’


Steak Diane

Mushrooms, Onions, Cream and Brandy


Grilled Fillet

Plain Fillet Grilled as You Desire


Pepper Steak

Beef Fillet Served with Black Pepper Sauce


Chicken Cacciatore

Roast Chicken with Tomatoes, Wine, Mushrooms and Mixed Peppers


Roast Duck in Orange Sauce

Half Roast Duck with Orange Sauce


Rack of Lamb

Served with a Mild Mint Sauce


Striploin Steak

Grilled to Your Liking


Vegetables & Salads


Chef’s Choice of Fresh Vegetables

Mixed Salad

Fresh Mushrooms Sauteed in Butter

Boiled, Sautee or French Fried Potatoes




Selection of Gateaux and Other Desserts from Our Sweet Counter

Ice Cream

Crème Caramel

Fresh Fruit Salad


Cheese & Biscuits

An assortment of Cheeses, Served with Maltese Biscuits. Ask for the Local ‘Gbejniet tal-Bzar’