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Company Profile

Mercieca Furnishings Ltd. Has established itself as a producer of top quality furniture at affordable prices. Offering its services to Malta and Gozo Mercieca Furnishings Ltd. has been going strong for the last 26 years. The origin of Mercieca Furnishings Ltd goes back to the late 1940’s when Lawrence Mercieca set up a small furniture shop in Ħamrun. He then passed on his trade to his sons Victor and Joe Mercieca who in the early 1980’s set up the Mercieca Furnishings Ltd. showroom and factory both located at Mrieħel, which is still its main base to date. Nowadays Victor and Joe are passing on their experience to their sons Neil and Clint making Mercieca Furnishings a third generation company.

Mercieca Furnishings Ltd offer a wide range of furniture related products from Main bedrooms, Spare Bedrooms, kitchens to wall units and office furniture. With the problem of storage space becoming an ever growing problem in Maltese households, Mercieca Furnishings Ltd has specialized in custom-made and made-to-measure furniture. Mercieca Furnishings offer the solution to all your storage needs by designing the furniture to take the utmost storage from your room. Designing is offered free of charge and can be made either onsite or at our showroom by the experienced Victor and Joe Mercieca in person. 

Furniture should serve to make life easier and more comfortable. Furniture is part of the home, shaping its character and creating an atmosphere. That is why it must be the fruit of long experience. Therefore, when you buy furniture from Mercieca Furnishings Ltd, you can be confident that you have chosen a product of quality and integrity from a well-established company whose credentials you can trust. Mercieca Furnishings assures that the product is delivered on time and it also offers a guaranteed after sales service. Our growth and continuing success are the result of the company's attention to those fundamental essentials:


Our Commitment is to continue to build on our reputation and managing the standard which our customers have come to respect.

“At Mercieca Furnishings, our aim is to provide a one-stop shop where all your home furnishing needs can be satisfied with one visit.

We also aim to supply quality furniture at affordable prices suitable to the diverse tastes, styles and budgets of our customers.”

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